Buying a Stucco Home in the Fairhope, Orange Beach, Daphne, AL or surrounding area?

Call your trusted stucco inspector today

Stucco homes are known for their pleasing aesthetics and durability. If you’re interested in buying a stucco home, make sure that you won’t be surprised by costly repairs. HomeSouth Inspections, LLC will verify that the stucco was applied correctly and look for flaws that the untrained eye can’t see.

3 common stucco snags

Our certified stucco inspectors have the knowledge and experience to recognize when a stucco home has problems. Rely on us to check for:

  1. Moisture intrusion: While stucco homes can repel water, they can only tolerate moisture up to a certain point. We’ll make sure there are no cracks or holes that leave your home susceptible to moisture issues.
  2. Insect problems: If a stucco home has moisture issues, it’s also likely to have insect problems. Catch a potential moisture issue early to prevent it from turning into an infestation.
  3. Shoddy installation: Stucco is a durable home exterior if it’s installed correctly. We have the skills to tell if the installation process was done properly.


Make sure your stucco home will be a good investment—call HomeSouth Inspections, LLC today.